Every Radicle partnership has three key players.



That’s you! When you participate in a deal you join fellow investors in providing the seed money to jumpstart investment opportunities. Member contributions cover the 20% downpayment to purchase a property and fund the day-to-day operations of the project renovation. 



We take on full responsibility for coordinating the deal—taking on the debt, finding, renovating, and selling the property, and managing the payouts.



Hard money lenders provide Radicle with short term loans. They cover up to 80% of the property purchase price and 100% of the renovation costs.

Radicle in action.


we do the legwork

Once we find a property with profit potential we alert our members. Members who opt to participate in funding a property become investors who can follow our progress every step of the way on our Current projects page. The Radicle team supervises renovation, and the sale of property, and the distriubtion payouts. 


Is my investment safe?

No investment is 100% safe and there is a chance you can lose your money on a real estate deal. But, we take every step possible to make the chances of that happening extremely slim. Here’s how your investment is protected:

    • Before participating in a deal, we require all investors to sign a partnership agreement—a legally binding document that outlines your contribution, and how and when profits will be paid.
    • We do our due-diligence on every deal, employing industry-leading software to vet a property's value and estimate renovation costs.
    • There's always a backup plan. If we can't sell a property, we'll rent it out. In this scenario, investors receive a portion of rent each month until your investment is recouped, plus profits from the eventual sale of the property.